About Us

Health & Wellness (H&W) Board of Trustees

Jack Allard – Union Trustee, Chair
A.D. Al Phillips – Union Trustee
Russel J. St Eloi – Union Trustee
Russ Davidson – Management Trustee
Jamie McKenzie – Management Trustee
Rick Musil – Management Trustee
James Wheatley – Union Trustee

The Administrator along with the Board of Trustees are responsible for the H&W Fund, Professional Consultants, Investment Management Firms, and ensuring that the H&W Fund is maintained in a financially balanced method that will provide benefits for union members over the long term.

Pension Plan Board of Trustees

Tom McKinley – Union Trustee, Chair
James Lindsell – Union Trustee
A.D. Al Phillips – Union Trustee
Bryan Stocking – Union Trustee
Gerry Forcier – Management Trustee
Jim Stewart – Management Trustee
Mike Vesterback – Management Trustee

The Plan Administrator along with the Board of Trustees are responsible for the Pension Fund, Pension Plan Actuaries, Investment Management Firms, and ensuring that the Pension Fund is maintained in a financially balanced method that will provide pension benefits for union members over the long term.

Benefit Plan Administrator

Lisa Peterse – Plan Administrator
Carries out the day-to-day tasks of Benefit Plan Administration and reports to the Board of Trustees and is responsible for proper documentation and administrative control and be able to provide reasonable assurance of proper record keeping and reliably authorize transactions and adequately safeguard assets.

Professional Benefit Plan Consultants

Appointed by the Board of Trustees to provide services relating to plan design, eligibility rules and resolving any issues regarding the ongoing concerns for proper operation of the benefit plans.

Coughlin & Associates Ltd.
The benefit plan consultants are responsible to advise and assist the trustees on all matters concerning the benefit plans and to bring to the table a large resource of information as to how other trust funds compare and how other trustees have addressed similar issues raised.

PBI Actuarial Consultants
The actuaries are professionally educated and trained in estimating how much money must be contributed to a pension plan each year to support the benefits that will need to be reserved to become payable in the future of the pension plan.

Custodian Services for Trust Funds

Custody and Pension Services
320 Bay Street, 6th Floor
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 4A6

The Board of Trustees appoint the trust funds to the care of custodians. The custodians are responsible for holding the trust funds and assets and the executing of financial decisions for investment purposes.

External Auditors

Sidhu Straker & Associates C.A.
External Auditors for Financial Reporting.

External Auditor for Employer Remittances.

The external auditors have full and unrestricted access to the administrative staff to discuss any findings relating to the integrity of the financial reports and determine the adequacy of the internal control systems for accounting and reporting purposes.

Investment Management Firms

The investment management firms work in accordance to guidelines set in the Statement of Investment Policies & Procedures.

H&W Plan
Ridgewood Asset Management.

Pension Plan
Bentall Kennedy Prime Canadian Property Fund
Concert Properties Ltd. & Concert Infrasture Fund
Fidelity Investments Canada ULC (Pyramis)
IFM Global Infrastructure (Canada), L.P.
MFS Investment Management Canada Ltd.
Phillips, Hager & North Investment Management
Stonebridge Infrastructure Debt Fund I LP
TD Asset Management Inc.

The Board of Trustees are responsible for appointing a variety of investment management firms to direct the growth of a wide range of assets on behalf of the H&W Fund and the Pension Fund.

Insurance Benefit Providers

Coughlin & Associates Ltd.   [Winnipeg Divison, Central Daylight Time (CDT)] 1-888-204-1234
Extended Health Benefits.
Dental Benefits.
Travel Benefits.

Plumbers Local 170 Pension and Health & Wellness Office  [Pacific Time (PT)] 604-526-3434 or 1-800-665-6808
Vision Care.
Healthcare Spending Account (HSA) inquiries, claims & processing.
Short Term Disability (WWI).
Long Term Disability (LTD).
Life Insurance.
Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D).
Special Senior Member (SSM) Benefits.

Staff Contacts

Please feel free to contact us during our regular office hours of:
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Toll free: 1-800-665-6808
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