Travel Medical Emergency Benefit

* Travel MEDICAL Emergency insurance is provided by AIG (Global Excel).
* Coverage duration:  90-days.
* Termination: Travel medical emergency insurance coverage is for eligible Active and Active Retired Members including their eligible Dependent(s) under age 75.
* We suggest you take a picture or do a cellphone screenshot of the policy card and store it on your phone.
* Should a travel medical emergency occur, contact AIG (Global Excel) at the appropriate number prior to receiving any medical treatment, otherwise coverage may be limited.
             FROM Canada & USA call toll-free at 1-877-207-5018
             from OUTSIDE Canada & USA call collect at 1-819-566-3940
* If you are not able to contact AIG Global Excel before being billed for the charges,  OR  if your medical needs are minor in nature (i.e. costing less than $500),
it is your responsibility to pay the bill promptly yourself and then submit a claim.  Claim(s) should be submitted within 90-days after the expense was incurred.

Click below to view information about AIG (Global Excel) Travel Medical Emergency Insurance benefit effective July 01, 2022.
AIG Travel Medical Emergency Insurance



            TOP-UP COVERAGE for Emergency Travel 
-NOT affiliated with Plumbers Local 170 Welfare Plan-


IF your trip will be longer than 90-days, you may purchase an individual top-up coverage from provider Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers who utilizes various insurer policies based on your medical health.

To obtain a quote, you will likely need to provide:
>Full name (as per passport).
>Date of birth of each traveler.
>Trip start and Return date.
>Country of destination.
>Your AIG group travel policy #CMG9428867     AND     respond to medical questions concerning each traveler’s health.


* Medi-quote’s free online quote, click here

*OR visit website at:

*OR call toll-free at:  1-800-661-3098


Click below to view information about Medi-quote Insurance Broker top-up emergency travel coverage effective July 01, 2022.
Medi-Quote (TOP-UP coverage for emergency travel coverage)