Jury Duty Benefit Plan


1. The Union Member must have an Active Status with Local 170, but may not necessarily be employed at the time of the Jury Duty Selection.
2. The Union Member must have been employed by a union employer bound by a union contract to contribute to the Jury Duty Fund within the past 5 years.
3. The Union Employer must be proven to have contributed to the Jury Duty Fund on behalf of the union member.

Eligibility is not allowed for the following:

  • Permit Members
  • Probationary Apprentices
  • Retirees receiving UA Local 170 Pension
  • Jury Duty Service over 90-days

How to Claim Lost Wages

1. The Union Member must submit a claim for benefit application within 14-days of having performed jury duty service.
2. The Union Member must use the claim application form provided by the Piping Industry Jury Duty Fund.
3. The form must be completed, signed and returned to the address indicated on the form.
4. Official documentation required for the benefit claim are the JURY DUTY SUMMONS and certification from the Sheriff’s Office for the dates served for Jury Duty Selection and/or dates of service on the Jury Duty Panel.

Piping Industry Jury Duty Fund Application Claim Form (see bottom of page for claim form).

About Benefit Payments

A Member is paid for lost wages at 100% of their base rate plus vacation pay effective on the last date of employment.

A maximum of 90-days and up to 8-hours per day is payable to the Member.

Member Benefit Contributions are paid on behalf of the Member to the Health & Welfare Plan and Pension Plan.

The entire reimbursement claim for lost wages is paid from the Jury Duty Fund.

No further reimbursement is necessary to be paid by the Employer.

The Member can expect to keep any additional Daily Fees paid from the Sheriff’s Office. These fees are not deducted from the Members claim.

Board of Trustees

Jack Allard – Union Trustee
Jason Bulizuk – Union Trustee
A.D. Al Phillips – Union Trustee
Russel J. St Eloi – Union Trustee

Lisa Peterse – Administrator


All payable benefits are subject to the Rules and Regulations as stated in the Jury Duty Fund Benefit Plan Document.

For further information please contact us.

Downloads and Forms

Download the jury duty benefit application form here.