Welcome to the Plumbers Local 170 Welfare and Pension Plans Website

Plumbers Local 170 Welfare and Pension Plans provides pensions and healthcare benefits to eligible union members and their families.

Important 2018 Announcement

What We Offer

Health & Welfare Plan

Provides benefits to eligible Local 170 members and their dependants.

Pension Plan

Provides a monthly income form members of Local 170, upon retirement and to help support their spouse after their death.

Jury Duty Plan

Provides active Local 170 members financial support if they have received a summons and/or have been selected to report for jury duty.

SUB Plan Benefit

Provides supplemental benefits paid to members under the Unemployment Insurance Act of Canada for temporary stoppage of work

Members Making Online Payments

Please be aware that the union hall and the welfare plan have similar wording for online payments.

To clarify, the Welfare Plan reads:
Plumbers Local 170 – Welfare Plan